MDIT hospital management software is an online and cloud based software. MDIT e-Hospital Software is a genetically modular based software integrated with modules like patient, doctor, billings, tests, diagnosis, accounts, expenses, payrolls, report etc. MDIT e-Hospital software capable of running on local data center as well. MDIT e-Hospital Software developed to support small and mid range Hospital but its scalable to adapt large hospital. It's database structure and codes are very much optimized and well structured. MDIT e-Hospital Software is highly secured with different roles and permissions to assign different duty of your employee. Every process and actions are successfully monitored to charge responsible one for his actions. It's developed in Python with ambition to provide big data solutions, equipment integrations, neural-networking and AI suggestions. Future is yet to come.

It's free to try because we feel happy when you use what we have created and we earn bringing you valuable software that you are happy to pay us for.

Advantages of using our MDIT Hospital Management System

Effective Performance

Highly organized and fast data delivery to generate all kinds of reports. MDIT HMS offers many types of search functionality related to patient, doctors, billings and etc


Highly secured, user authentication of modular, verification of entries. Specific roles and permission per module based.

Strong Server

MDIT HMS runs on cloud or client's data center. Its completely database driven. MDIT HMS is scalable to load balance on multiple servers.

Easy to use

We have used the easiest user interface. MDIT HMS is fully responsive for all the devices and cross browser compatible.


MDIT HMS is developed in Python which is completely modular, widely scalable to big data, neural-networking and artificial intelligence.

Amazing Frontend

Graphical presentation of MIS, graphical presentation of the data for top management on decision making plotting.

Modules and features of MDIT Hospital management system

Patient Module

Patient registration capture vital information like name, gender, mobile number, age, care of , address, height, weight, martial status. Also you can search and filter by their name and reference number.

Name Gender mobile number age care of address height weight marital status

Bill Module

This is one the most important module in MDIT HMS where patient bill will be generated. Currently we have only all type bill regarding test and diagnosis, also we are currently working on adding other facilities like bed, equipment, medicine, ambulance, etc

date patient name name of the referer selection of multiple test all bill list bill list search
Diagnosis lab Management

This is a powerful module of MDIT HMS used by the Diagnosis Lab to record and evaluate the information regarding the tests performed. Complete paperless solution to add diagnosis requests for the concerned personnel, with the opportunity to set the status of the test report.

  • Enter any type of diagnosis & price provided by the lab
  • Modify/Delete any diagnosis from the list of available diagnosis
  • Search diagnosis using any attribute
  • Filter according to specific patient
  • Query using any specific date
  • Test reports showed separately per patient
  • Ability to set the delivery status of tests

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Tests's Module

One of the powerful feature of MDIT HMS is the tests's module. This is the module that helps the management to add any type of tests that are available to patients. Also they can set the diagnosis type related to every specific test, enter the price that should be charged or the test, unit of the test, the normal and default value of test can also be set from this module.

  • Set the test name
  • Select from the list of available diagnosis types
  • The amount that should be charged can be set
  • Ability to set the default & normal value of the test
  • Also its very easy to add the test to the bill and diagnosis
  • Easiest way to search between the list of available tests
  • Details of any test can be modified/deleted anytime you desire
Doctors Module

Currently we have small doctor module where you can list all the doctors

  • Doctor's name
  • Doctor's mobile no
  • Doctor's Email
  • manage doctor
  • list of doctor
  • CRUD of all doctors
Accounts Module

In account module you can categorize account type, employee management, payroll, expense module, income, asset, liability, and owner equity.

  • Categories type are: expense, income, account receivable, current asset, fixed asset, account payable
  • Management Employee: employee id, name, designation, mobile number, age, gender, nid no, emergency phone number, joining date, address
  • Payroll: add date, select employee, salary of the month with additional attributes are salary amount, festival bouns, other bonus, deduction, payment type and total amount.
  • Expense module: you can add and manage expense by expense category.
  • Income module: you can add and manage income by income category.
  • Asset module: you can add and manage asset by asset category. You can add asset like furniture, other equipments etc.
  • Liability module: you can add and manage liabilities by its category.
  • Owner Equity module: you can add and manage owner equity by its category.

Accounting Report Module

Currently we have number of reports as per client requirements. We wish to develop further as well.

  • Overall Report
  • Ledger
  • Profit & Loss
  • Cash flow
  • Balance Sheet

Overall Report Module

Currently we have number of reports as per client requirements. We wish to develop further according to Hospital MIS require.

  • Lab Report
  • Patient Report
  • Bill Report

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