We have been crafting our portfolio with patience and anticipation for years. From the beginning we physically visit, scope, and analyze gap of your business. We also measure quality of resources of your company to deliver a complete user friendly software by integrating comfort UX. We build ERP, management, and accounting software and most of them are financial, tracking, and transactional. Most of our software are scalable, modular and clustered which is easily adjustable to an ever-changing environment and business needs.

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  • Web Development
  • PHP(Laravel) Development
  • Django Python Programming
  • Big Data Analyze
  • Frontend Development(Vue, Vuetify, Vue-Router, Vuex & NuxtJs)
  • Single Page Application(SPA) & RestAPI
  • DevOps & Continuous Delivery & Integration

We develop frontend and backend using top-notch stack battle-tested by very rigid leaders such as, Baiidigit, or Assouka Telecom.

MicroDreamIT as a leading Software Development Company, we not always hire top talented people. We are mixed by races, gender and talents. MicroDreamIT hire passionate and nerd people specially those who chase for passion. Most of the softwares we developed are API based so that you can have comfort and portal to get the data in any devices like browsers, mobile, or desktop. We prefer to develop cloud based SaaS application because of flexibility, software updates, disaster recovery, work from anywhere, document control, etc.

Software we have developed so far

  • Inventory Management Software
  • Cylinder(LPG) Management Software
  • Service Based Accounting Software
  • Diagnosis Management Software
  • Hospital Management Software(in progress)
  • Tiles Store Management Software
  • physiotherapy Management Software
  • Micro Finance or SME Banking(in progress)

Your Custom Software Development Company

Custom Web Application Development

MicroDreamIT 9 years of experience developing web applications. We build enterprise application software(EAS) focus on intelligence solutions, data visualization and plotting, fast, scalable, responsive, and api based. We used the most popular, fast and reliable technology to develop web application such as Python, Php, Laravel, Django, Vuejs, ES-6.

SaaS Application Development

MicroDreamIT is trusted SaaS Software development company. We build multi-tenant company based, multi-tenant auth based, secured, and fast SaaS software solution. The SaaS Software we build are highly secured dynamic role and permission integrated. We provide the right technology and experiences that a client could have to run a web-based economy.

Cloud-Based Application Development

We build Cloud-Based Application to enhance your business functionalities, swiftness, costing, and smart load balancing. We build software solution that run on platform like Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, MicroSoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Salesforce. We integrate services like cloud-based file sharing, pay-per-use, resource pooling, and network access.

SinglePage Application Development

The most advanced web technology nowadays for smoothness, fastness, and cost effective is Single Page Application. Its perfect for large-scale application development to handle complex user interface and lots of content per page. Developing Single Page Application needs huge knowledge on software structure, security, and scalability to craft it. MicroDreamIT is the best Single Page Application development company.

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