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Since 2011, MicroDreamIT has been delivering great websites and applications. Our base is all about web. We turn your idea into scalable and successful business. We have served large companies and enterprise sectors like telecommunication, aviation, distributors, industries, fashion houses, etc.

  • Frontend : HTML, javascript, ajax, bootstrap, shapecss, scss, webpack, socket.io, Vuejs, nuxtjs.
  • Database : sqlite, mysql, oracle, redis, caches.
  • language : python, php.
  • backend framework : laravel, django.
  • cloud solution : microsoft azure, amazon, digital ocean.
  • frontend framework : vuejs, nuxtjs.

As a top notched web development company, we take challenges to convert your idea into business process to digitalized them. It's not always easy, that's why we meet with our clients and their customers. We get survey from end users, with those we analyze, scope, and structure them. After implementing all the steps into coding we monitor the performance, request quantity, level of optimization, difficulties, and delivery time of data that end client require. The clients who want to tested us now they become our long term clients and join our family.

some of our Web applications...

  • Airbook.aero
  • hospital.microdreamit.com
  • erp.microdreamit.net
  • lpg.microdreamit.net
  • amsl.microdreamit.net
  • aviationsjob.com
  • hopscotch.mdit.a2hosted.com
  • aesmetering.uk

We are the creator of Shapecss

A standalone frontend web framework

We not only use open source but also contributors and creators

image of shapecss framework

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