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Let’s imagine a company that need a temporary IT department, or it needs to add some specialized engineers to help finish a project. The company either have to hire temporarily which is difficult, or hire new resources which takes time to come together. Our Dedicated development center is the solution to fill that void with great team players who can accelerate the project. We provide specific specialized talent of all round skills.

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  • Simple staff augmentation
    At this level, MicroDreamIT provides skilled engineers according to the client's requirements. The task of people and project management is left to the client.
  • Basic DDC
    At this level, MicroDreamIT provides the team and performs people management. However, the process used by the team is entirely defined and controlled by the client.
  • Advanced DDC
    At this level, in addition to the Basic DDC service, MicroDreamIT also works on defining and controlling the process used by the team.
  • Technical competence
    Obviously, the skills of the team members affect the success of the project. MicroDreamIT has rich expertise and is capable of building teams skilled in a number of areas.

MicroDreamIT's offshore development center (ODC) is a cost-efficient business model that lets small and large businesses to get their work done through a dedicated team of specialists sitting at an offshore facility.

Software we have developed so far...

  • Committed technical staff and infrastructure
  • DDC service & environment, staff & resources, development infrastructure will all be selected for usage by and for client’s projects
  • Flexible: Quick setup, quick scale-up and quick scale-down
  • Reduced general cost compared to onshore staffing and offshore dedicated development teams
  • Our DDC helps you focus on your core competency
  • Faster turn around and rapid time-to-market
  • MicroDreamIT's dedicated team can bring out product and application development and application maintenance at reasonable costs

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