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Description: MicroDreamIT hospital management software is a cloud based and online. MDIT e-Hospital was developed at first for Ahed Diabatic Center to automate their business transactions and management. Client wanted us to meet all her criteria of security, Technology and functionality for managing all his medical report. The client was Dr. Wahida Goni Tania, very smart and tech savage lady. MDIT e-Hospital has many modules like doctors, patients, diagnosis, human resource, bill management, income, accounting, and reports.


MDIT e-Hospital has some unique feature to manage bill, diagnosis, patients and doctors. Our client, Dr. Wahida Goni Tania want us to develop the system in a way that can make the hospital paperless with secured way to manage every single transactions into account with separate role and permissions.



  • Understanding Diagnosis module
  • Value adding in the diagnosis module
  • Account module integration
  • Generate report very fast
  • integrating queue job


Solution: We needed to optimize codes and resolve all the challenges in version two in order resolve all the problems. Database was extended to resolve return diagnosis issues.



  • Development Platform: Pycharm IDE
  • Technology: Django, Python
  • Database: Mysql
  • Reporting Platform: Zoho
  • Frontend Technology: Vuetify, Vuejs
  • Web Server: Digital ocean, Nginx
  • Database Server: mysql

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