AMSL Accounting software

AMSL Accounting Software

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AMSL Accounting Software was developed for a client name Touhid from England. It was fun while developing AMSL Accounting Software.


The client wanted to have an Account Software which is light, fast and minimum functionality. There is a lot of Accounting Softwares in the market with a lot of necessary and unnessary functionality that become a pain for him, he wanted to build an Accounting Software which can be used for all kind of small businesses with mandetory functionlities and reports. AMSL Accounting Software has all the functionality that a small business require.



  • Dynamic leadger
  • Dynamic Menu
  • Adjustment of Accounts
  • Sammarization of Transactions
  • Calculation of Cash Flow
  • Balance sheet generations


Solutions: We have hired accountant to get all the informations of accounting theories and chanllanges that an accountant faces problem in everyday work while generating report. Step by step we solve those problem regarding transactions and reports that matters to a company.



  • Development Platform: PhpStorm IDE
  • Backend: Laravel, php
  • Database: Mysql
  • Reporting Platform: Zoho
  • Frontend Technology: VueJs, VueRouter, Webpack, Scss
  • Web Server: Digital Ocean, Nginx

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