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MDIT Inventory Management Software

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Description: MDIT Inventory Software is a MicroDreamIT's own product. Its an Inventory Management System which is cloud based multi-tanent software. There is no software to download, no installation necessary, no anti-virus software need to install and no license key renewal. This is an on-stop service-like software. MDIT inventory Software offer dozens of tools to maintain your business online.



  • Provide a single solution to manage and process all the transactions
  • Optimize data while posting
  • All the report need to be delivered in shortest period of time


Solution: In MDIT inventory all the transaction CRUD is done on a single process with optimized data posting and delivery. We have used both raw database query and Laravel ORM to deliver data in milisecond.


Result: MicroDreamIT successfully developed MDIT inventory management system, and covered all the requirements of clients. This solution covered both national and international clients managing their businesses online. MicroDreamIT provides of the best, fast, effective, low cost and error rate solution that satisfy clients and also accelate their business.


  • Development Platform: PhpStorm IDE
  • Technology: Laravel, php
  • Database: Mysql
  • Reporting Platform: Zoho
  • Frontend Technology: VueJs, VueRouter, Webpack, Scss
  • Web Server: MicroSoft Azure, Nginx
  • Database Server: Amazon DB

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