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Airbook is an innovative web-based asset marketing platform for aircraft sales, charter, ACMI and lease. Airlines, aircraft owners, engine and parts sellers can utilize this platform to publish and market their assets quickly and securely. At the same time, buyers can securely access up to date asset information and connect to other buyers as well as publish wanted assets. is a XBS product and developed my MicroDreamIT


Zulqarnain Siddiq, Founder and CEO, XBS started the project couple of years ago. But as a perfectionist he was not happy with this website. It was developed in old codeignitor in a very unorganized way. After then he was looking forward to find good company with affordable price and knowledgable team to have quality features that serve the aviation insdustries clients. Then we have met in a freelancing platform. After then he did not have to look backward.


Working with Zulqarnain Siddiq is a blessing for every inquisitive team to deliver, research, and develop skill set to serve this tough guy. Because aviation sector is kind of industry that deal with executive classes so has to contain those classes delivering data, UI design, and smoothness. is a single page application, we call it SPA to have smoothness and minimum waiting time to deliver data to the end user. We have used Laravel php in backend, VueJs and es6 on the frontend, and database is mysql. It is highly load balanced with optimized data set.


In we have worked for five month developing nice and clean user panel, admin panel and frontend site that you can see without registration. After registering in you will see a whole new world of managing your aircrafts, apu, engine and parts. You will have social media touch to connect with people with history of communication.


Development & Testing is an end product developed jointly with colaboration of MicroDreamIT & XBS. Mostly great and painful testing has been done by XBS. The challenges was social rendering, business logic, data migrations, api integrations, and data optimization that has been solved properly


  • Development Platform: PhpStorm IDE
  • Technology: Laravel, php
  • Database: Mysql
  • Reporting Platform: Zoho
  • Frontend Technology: VueJs, VueRouter, Webpack, Scss
  • Web Server: MicroSoft Azure, Nginx
  • Database Server: Amazon DB

Category: Website

Tags: htmlphplaravelSaaSvuejsscsses6

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